Cairns Bromeliad Study Group was formed in May 1984  The aim of the Group was “to promote and develop interest in bromeliads through friendship”.  A few of the inaugural group are current members; others have relocated to southern districts.

For a few years our growth was stagnant until 1997 and with the decision to host the Tenth Australian Bromeliad Conference in Cairns, interest and membership boomed.  The conference was held at the Esplanade Tradewinds Hotel 26th – 30th August 1999 and was a huge success with total attendance of 158.

The group became an incorporated entity in May 1998 and changed their name to Cairns Bromeliad Society Inc. in May 2002.

The median age of our members is 38 years – this also means some cannot attend every meeting due to family commitments but we now average over 30 and usually have at least two new members each month. They are a really happy group and are growing bromeliads to a very high standard – Cairns is the perfect climate to grow bromeliads.

Our meetings are held from 1.00 – 4.00pm on the first Saturday of the month from February and December is our Christmas Party.  We still meet at member’s homes and hope we can continue this practice as it adds a warm dimension to the meetings, plus a good chance to check out plant growth and gain new ideas for our own gardens.  Meetings include Popular Vote, Learning segment and a Beginner’s Class.

Popular Vote – each month members bring in their plants for the group to vote on their favourite.  We have three sections – Open, Novice (members in their first 2 years of attendance)  and Juniors (those under 18 years). Each section has their own three separate sections – bromeliad, cryptanthus, tillandsia. Our main Show is at Cairns Show in the Horticulture pavilion. Each month we have a mini show, the genera advised on the years programme. Trophies are given at the Christmas party for those with the most points.  We have a bi-monthly newsletter, field trips to Open Gardens and Display and Sales days.

Grace Goode is an Honorary Life Member for her assistance with “Bromeliads X” plus her services and dedication in promoting bromeliads. Membership at close of 2004 is 101 financial members, including 21 country members and 5 juniors whose ages range from 7 to 11 years.  The Editor of the Journal of the Bromeliad Society featured our Junior Members in an article in 2005.


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