G’day from Oz #1 – World Bromeliad Conference 18

G’day from Oz!

“I’m Back” – just when you thought I had forgotten about you all – how could I??

Already it seems a long time since we were together but as I made out the email lists many of you were very real to me – I hope names and faces are correctly matched!
Have you completed and sent in your Registration Form???
Best offer is fast running out.

Dan has cancelled all visitors and outings and just like a child on a birthday, he is eagerly awaiting the postman each day.
Please make his wait and sacrifices worthwhile.

I promised to tell you what Cairns is like – in a word “beautiful”.
It is a coastal city established mainly by the sugar cane industry.
With so many beautiful natural attractions it was inevitable that tourism now creates a major share of Cairns income.

There is so much to see and experience.

June our winter and the weather will be just like it was in San Diego but without the ‘June gloom’ – sometimes in winter it rains a little, but not for long.
The southern cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are much colder with Brisbane the warmest.

Australia has snowfields, forests, deserts, mountains, lakes and rivers – just smaller versions than in the USA.

The conference base is the Cairns International Hotel in the central city area, a short stroll to the shops, Esplanade and waterfront from where helicopters, seaplanes and all manner of craft depart for the wonders of the ocean.

Choice of sea adventure is very wide, from fishing trips, large cruising catamarans to the islands to personally hiring small craft.
There are scuba dive trips; glass bottom and semi-submersible boats to view the coral and fishes; underwater observatories, snorkeling, seawalker helmet diving, parasailing, jet skiing or calm water cruises along the Cairns Inlet to view habitat creatures including crocodiles.

Land and sky activities include bungy jumping, hot air ballooning, go-karting or check out the sights from the train and/or Skyrail to Kuranda.
If you want to be among the fauna you can have ‘Breakfast with the Birds’ at the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary at Port Douglas followed by a guided tour among the animals.
There are two other animal parks, Cairns Tropical Zoo at Palm Cove and Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, that feature Australian animals.

If you choose to just cross the road from the conference site to the Sofitel Reef Casino and go to the top there is a Rainforest Dome with approximately 60 species of animals.

So all of this is just around the city and we have not been to the Tablelands, Daintree, Cooktown or ventured south.
Next time, meanwhile just let me know if you want to know anything in particular.

Best offer is fast running out.

The hotel -  Cairns International Hotel Cruises –
www.skyrail.com.au  www.ksr.com.au

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